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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Hilary Duff to Star in the Next Spider-Man?

Newlywed Hilary Duff stops by her doctor's office in Beverly Hills, CA on August 26, 2010 where the happy Duff flashed a smile. Fame Pictures, Inc

Could Hilary Duff have a role in the upcoming Spider-Man reboot film series?

It seems so!

According to reports, the recently-married actress has a copy of the film's script on her kitchen table. The script allegedly had highlighted dialog lines for a role entitled "Girl." No, it's not some generic background character. It is likely a lead role and the name was not given to avoid plot leaks.

Fans are speculating that the role could be for the character of Gwen Stacy, Peter Parker's (aka Spider-Man) first love interest who is eventually murdered in the comics. The role was played by Bryce Dallas Howard in Spider-Man 3.

Another possibility is that the role is for Mary Jane Parker, the primary and most famous romantic counterpart for Peter. And, as we all know, Kiersten Dunst played the part in the first trilogy.

We could see Hilary playing Gwen. We think her as Mary Jane is a bit of a stretch, but we don't want to underestimate her ability!

We really hope these rumors are true. Hilary really needs a career boost, and the Spider-Man films are just the thing to do it!


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