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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A More Detailed Sharpay Movie Plot

More details on Sharpay's Fabulous Adventure have been released. As of now, this is the plot we have so far: Sharpay (Ashley Tisdale) heads to New York with dreams of becoming a Broadway star. Her father is paying for a month's of expenses, but if she doesn't land a leading gig, she will have to return home to Albuquerque to learn the family business. Sharpay finally finds her big break, but soon learns the role is actually for her dog, Boi.

The film also stars Austin Butler (Ashley's Aliens in the Attic costar) as Peyton Leverett, a confident film student; Bradley Steven Perry (Disney Channel's "Good Luck Charlie") as Roger Elliston III, Sharpay's rival and snooty dog owner; Cameron Goodman as a Broadway starlet; and Alec Mapa as Broadway director Gill Samms.

The film is being directed by Michael Lembeck (Tooth Fairy, Santa Claus 2). It will feature four original songs by Randy Petersen and Kevin Quinn, Matthew Tishler and Amy Powers, David Lawrence and Faye Greenberg. Reported titles are:
  1. Me and My Boy
  2. The Rest of My Life
  3. I'm Gonna Shine
  4. New York's Best Kept Secret
The plot sounds a bit ridiculous and it's disappointing that we're only getting four songs, but we're still looking forward to this movie! Hopefully it doesn't ruin the goldeness of High School Musical.


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