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Monday, May 31, 2010

Demi Pulls a Joe

Remember when Joe Jonas changed some of the lyrics to a few Jonas Brothers songs in concert in order to take some jabs at his ex, Camilla Belle? Well it looks like Demi Lovato is turning the tables and giving Joe a taste of his own medicine!

While performing her song "Solo" in Rio de Janerio, Demi changed the lyric "why don't you just stick to acting?" to "why don't you just stick to tambourine?" The change is believed to be a jab at Joe, her ex, who has been known to play the tambourine while in concert.

Check out the 1:15 mark in the video above to watch Demi's passive aggressiveness!

1 comment:

DRAKEBBY17 said...

WHATEVER!!!!! i don't think she being aggressive at all she is hurt bc the jerk broke up with her through telephone and joe jonas didnt have the courage to break up with her himself he had his DAD do it how dumb is that like seriously i would crack jokes at him too!right now she just needs support from family and real friends that have been on the jonas train like taylor swift and selena gomez GO AHEAD DEMI DO YOUR THING!!!!!!!!!