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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Quote Of The Day

Premiere Of Lionsgate's Kick-Ass - Arrivals

"It was an awesome process. I’ve wanted to write for the longest time…I’ve always been writing on the side since I’ve been an actor, like skits and webseries. I got to sit in the writer’s room for eight weeks. I would go rehearse and then go sit with the writers; pitching stories and jokes. Then I got my episode called 'Alex's Logo'. I was the youngest writer in the room so I got to throw my 20-year-old perspective in the script. There’s a lot of things that kids will be able to relate to. I got to put some fun things in there like ‘the Jerk’ type of things. It was an amazing time."

- David Henrie on writing an episode of "Wizards Of Waverly Place", which will premiere on Friday, May 21 at 8pm

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