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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Ashley Tisdale Talks About American Idol

In part 4 of Ashley Tisdale's interview with MTV, she talks about voting for "American Idol" and how she got to meet some of the contestants!

America is obsessed with "American Idol," and this obsession doesn't just consume the lives of everyday people. On occasion, celebrities even get sucked into the world of "Idol." One of those celebs is "High School Musical" star Ashley Tisdale.

"I vote for them," she told MTV News of her favorite "Idol" contestants. "My friend was making fun of me, 'cause I was voting for them."

For Tisdale, her love of the show and its contestants goes far beyond just voting for her favorites every week. It also means that, given the opportunity, she will do everything in her power to try and meet "American Idol" hopefuls.

"I was stalking them at the recording studio," she said of the current "Idol" cast. "I was recording, and my producers were, like, trying to get me to record a song, and I was just like, 'The American Idols are over there, and I vote for these people. I need to go say hi.' "

She eventually made her way out of her recording booth to try to meet some of the singers. "I was freaking out," she remembered. "I waited for Danny [Gokey] to come out of the bathroom, and he was, like, freaking out. He was so excited. I didn't get to meet any of the girls."

Given the chance to meet any of the ladies, Tisdale knows who she'd pick. "I'm a big fan of Megan [Joy], 'cause I think she's unique and different."

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