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Friday, July 18, 2008

High School Musical 3 Spoiler Spill!

SPOILERS for High School Musical 3: Senior Year follow:
  • Gabriella leaves East High early, causing her to miss prom. While at Stanford, Troy shows up in a blue tux on the night of the prom and the two sing "May/Can I Have This Dance?" while dancing in and around a tree, under a terrace, etc. The two share a kiss afterwards.
  • Sharpay sings the majority of "A Night to Remember", but Tiara tries to steal the show and the two have a sing-off.
  • During the musical, Ryan lays on top of the piano while Kelsi plays. He is wearing black sparkly pants and a shirt that reads "Luxury" on the back.
  • Also in the musical is a "Get'cha Head in the Game" part two, in a way. Ten basketballs drop from the cieling and the team dances. This is the first song in the Wildcats' musical.
  • Sharpay is supposed to be singing "Just Wanna Be With You" with Troy, but ends up making it a solo when Troy is no where to be found. Jimmie tries to embarrass Sharpay by taking Troy's place, but she has an allergic reaction to his cologne and runs off stage sneezing. Troy and Gabriella then finish the song.
  • "Once a Wildcat, always a Wildcat" is an important quote in the film.
  • Troy gives a speech at graduation, referring to East High as a place "where geeks can break it down", etc.
  • The cast along with 600 extras form an EH on the football field at graduation in their red and white caps and gowns.
  • Ryan and Sharpay have the first lines in "High School Musical".
  • Gabriella goes to Stanford, Troy to Berkley, Chad to University of Albuquerque, Sharpay takes over the East High drama department, and Kelsi and Ryan receive the Julliard scholarships.

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