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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Thank God! A Disney Star Who Knows What She's Saying!

We all know that once you're with Disney, it's pretty hard to get out (good luck Hannah Montana). "I've basically signed my life over to Disney," Emily Osment tells Taft High Tribune.

Emily isn't one of the selected non-High School Musical star we report on, but this girl knows what she's dishing out.

"I'm contracted to ask permission if I want to do a non-Disney project or movie, like Soccer Mom, which I just finished filming," she explained.

And, get this: she doesn't like the Jonas Brothers music! It makes us giggle.

"The Jonas Brothers are great guys, but I don't like their music. I'm into Radiohead, the Shin, and Incubus. My music icon is John Lennon." She's got a lot of guts saying this stuff! She also mentioned that she's working on her own album. "And I'm not with Disney," she emphasizes. "I'm aiming for Indie rock. It's going to be like noting you've ever heard from a Disney star."

And, as a nice conclusion: "I never even watched Disney growing up."

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