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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

And the Miley Drama Continues! Part 2

High School Musical news has been slow recently so we're forced to talk about one of our least favorite Disney stars... Miley Cyrus. Fox News weighs in on the actress/singer's photo controversies (yep, that's plural). They have some interesting statistics from People Magazine online. Apparently, 51% of voters think the photos will hurt Miley's career and 77% think they are inappropriate. We like the idea of Selena Gomez becoming the next Miley.

Additionally, Hilary Duff also puts her two cents in.

"Everyone goes through things and takes their own path," she says. "Who am I to judge decisions that she made? People are pushing you to do something, and if you want to do it, that's your choice, you know? It's not what I would choose to do, but if she did then that's fine. That's her choice."

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