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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Tisdale Claims Blonde Hair is the Secret of Her Success

Ashley Tisdale, a 22-year-old High School Musical star, tells the Sunday Mail, a British publication, that he blonde hair is the secret to her success.

"It suits my personality. I guess I was a brunette with a blonde personality. I have been blonde for a while now," she tells them. "At first it was really shocking and I didn't know what to think, it felt like another person in the mirror. But now I am comfortable with it. Blondes aren't dumb. I am smart and I don't think all of us are ditzy."

Tisdale also commented on her fame and her role in High School Musical 3: Senior Year. "I want to be known for the work I do and not what I do and where I go. Some people do like the attention, they do like the paparazzi following them and being in tabloids all the time," the actress explains. "I don't want media photographers pestering me all the time."

Tisdale admitted to using the hit film Mean Girls as a research tool to prepare for High School Musical 3: Senior Year. Of her character, she says, "Sharpay is actually quite sad and I hope in High School Musical 3 that she finally finds love." We hope so too!

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