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Monday, March 10, 2008

New Characters and Audition Information!

There's been some descriptions of new characters in High School Musical 3: Senior Year floating around the net. Whether or not they're real is a mystery to me, but there are some faces familiar to Disney Channel viewers claiming to be auditioning for these characters. Take a look!

[TIARA] 14 -15, Female, Pretty, a performer. A classic triple threat -- actor/singer/dancer. Good with comedy. Tiara is a transfer student to East High (could be from Brooklyn, or Texas or anywhere in between). Tiara is obsessed with Sharpay and is in many ways a mini version of her. Tiara starts out sweet and eager to help Sharpay as much as possible but soon turns into quite a diva herself a la Eve Harrington. She is very intelligent and wise beyond her years. LEAD. MUST HAVE A VERY STRONG SINGING VOICE. SUBMIT ALL RACES AND ETHNICITIES.

[JIMMIE "THE ROCKET" SOTO] 14-15, A sophomore at East High, A wiry kid with a lot of energy. He is likeable but socially awkward (think Michael Cera). Jimmy is a basketball player who envies Troy Bolton. Troy sees something in Jimmy that most people don't. Jimmy has not grown into himself. He is like the lost puppy you want to take in and care for. Funny and good with comedy. LEAD. MUST BE ABLE TO SING AND HAVE SOME DANCE SKILLS. SUBMIT ALL RACES AND ETHNICITIES.

[DONNY FOX] 14-15, A sophomore at East High and another basketball player. He is athletic. Donny is Jimmy's partner in crime. Donny looks up to Chad. He is a contrast to Jimmy's awkwardness. Good with comedy. SHOULD HAVE SOME DANCE SKILLS. LEAD. SUBMIT ALL RACES AND ETHNICITIES.
For those of you looking to be dancers in High School Musical 3: Senior Year, just take a look here.

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