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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Miley and Demi Get Bitchy with the Paparazzi

Oh this is hilarious!

Watch as Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato get some attitude when dealing with paparazzi both before and after their thai food dinner. While entering the restaurant, Miley tells one photographer, "How did I get so unlucky to run into you here?"

Following dinner, Miley sulks in a corner to shield her face from the cameras while Demi threatens to kick a photographer! The video concludes with Miley slamming on her car horn to get the photogs out of the way.

Yikes! Miley and Demi are usually pretty friendly with the paparazzi. Something definitely set them off!

We understand that it must be incredibly unbearable to have grown men following you around with cameras all day and filming your dinner plans, but it comes with the business! Being rude to them won't make the paparazzi go away. In fact, all won't do anything but make you look bad!

Can you just imagine though? Demi would never have a reason to be so annoyed because she gets a relatively small amount of paparazzi attention. Only Miley can justify her behavior, and Demi probably just thought that if Miley was being a bitch, she could be one as well!

And somehow, through it all, Selena Gomez manages to keep herself under control when photographers are around her. Go figure!

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