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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Demi Leaves Twitter... Sort Of

Photo by: Raoul Gatchalian/starmaxinc.com @2010  08/28/10 Demi Lovato at the 2010 Arthur Ashe Kids' Day, USTA Billie Jean King National Center, Flushing, NY, August 28, 2010 Photo via Newscom

Demi Lovato has pulled a Miley Cyrus and is leaving Twitter... although she is making less of a statement than her fellow Disney darling did almost one year ago.

Demi recently posted on her account:
About to say goodbye to twitter... I love my fans so much but the access that the other people have is uncomfortable to me. Twitterbreak. Peace.
But we're not sure how seriously about it she is! She still hasn't deleted her account and since she posted the above farewell, she retweeted a tweet from Eva Longoria!

So what do you think: Is Demi's "Twitterbreak" legit or will she be back?

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