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Thursday, September 2, 2010

The CW Goes All Out for "Hellcats"

In order to promote their new cheerleading show, "Hellcats", The CW is attempting to break Guiness World Record!

On September 4, the CW will invite cheer squads from around the country to Frisco Memorial Stadium in Frisco, Texas to compete in a 5-minute choreographed dance routine. The network will pair with online cheerleading network Cheer Channel for the event.

The incentive: a $4,000 reward for the squad that brings the most cheerleaders.

Whether it's the incentive or not, it looks like the CW will get their record. The current record is 297 participants, while this event already has 2,400 people who plan to attend.

And we're so proud that Ashley Tisdale will be loosely involved in making record history!

Don't forget, "Hellcats" premieres next Tuesday (September 8) at 9 p.m.


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