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Friday, July 23, 2010

Disney Planning Remake of Haunted Mansion

2 June 2010 - Hollywood, California - Guillermo del Toro, Executive Producer. Splice Los Angeles Premiere held at Grauman's Chinese Theatre. Photo Credit: Michael Jade/AdMedia

Remember when Disney wanted to ride on the success of Pirates of the Caribbean by making that God-awful film The Haunted Mansion? Yeah, so do we and we wish we could forget it!

Director Guillermo del Toro revealed at Comic-Con that he is developing a new film based on the famous Disneyland ride and, unlike the 2003 version that starred Eddie Murphy, this will not be a comedy. Del Toro explained that it will be "scary and fun at the same time …. if you take the children, they will scream."

Interesting. This could possibly be good!!


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Anonymous said...

This is really amazing news. I saw his movie Pan's labyrinth and that was deep, dark, and scary. It will be great to see what he does w/ the haunted mansion. And yes, that other movie was god-awful.