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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Hannah Montana Forever

Dear Readers,

We have been incredibly blessed. One of our family friends has been hired in Disney Channel's Marketing Management program. That means she works in the department that puts together the promos for new episodes and comes up with ideas on how to promote new products.

According to her, they're currently piecing together the soundtrack for the fourth season of "Hannah Montana". Disney has been advertising the fourth season as "Hannah Montana Forever". Well, according to our friend, that title is likely to be used for the soundtrack!

Hannah Montana Forever will be a conclusive album that could take many routes. Right now, they are discussing a few possibilities. No matter what, there will be new songs. One possibility is that there will be an album of entirely new songs. However, they are also interested in releasing some sort of greatest hits album, so Miley Cyrus has been recording new versions of old "Hannah" hits. If they take this route, there is a good chance that one disc will include ten to twelve new songs and another disc will contain a mix of new versions and remixes of old songs. Emily Osment may also record something for the album.

Remember, all this information is tentative. We will keep you updated when we hear anything else.

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