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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Angelina Jolie to Become a Disney Star?

Angelina Jolie waves to the huge crowds of fans surrounding the set of her latest film The Tourist

Disney has greenlit an exciting project that well reinvent one of their classic films. They have hired screenwriter Linda Woolverton (The Lion King, Beauty and the Beast) to write a live-action version of their classic Sleeping Beauty, to be told from the point of view from the villain Maleficent.

After the huge success of the recently-released Alice in Wonderland, Disney is looking to update old material, starting with this new take on a timeless tale. The film, Maleficent, is reportedly catching the eyes of some Hollywood nobles, including Tim Burton and Angelina Jolie. Angeline would star as the titular character. Disney has not commented on any of the reports.

So what do you think? Could Angelina make a good Maleficent? We're not her biggest fans, but there's no denying that she has the talent to pull it off.


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