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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

JoBros Fans Can Relax, the Group is NOT Splitting Up

The Jonas Brothers attend the Teen Choice 2009 Awards in Los Angeles

Despite his ambitions to launch a solo career, Nick Jonas is not leaving the Jonas Brothers. "We've said from the beginning of our career as the Jonas Brothers that anything we do outside of the group is a side project because you can't break up brothers," Nick explains.

So if anyone was worried, you can relax! They aren't splitting up. Joe and Kevin continued, "
We know that we will be doing music together for the rest of our lives."

Oh, and if you're curious as to when you'll get to hear Nick's solo album, it sounds like pretty soon! "My brothers are my biggest supporters, and were on the phone with me everyday while I was in the studio asking how it was going, and telling me they couldn't wait to hear the record." Nick makes it seem like he's already finished recording. And you know Hollywood Records! They're gonna push that out asap!


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