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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

MTV Interview with Ashley Tisdale, Part 3

A third video from MTV's interview with Ashley Tisdale has been posted. In this video, she talks about her small role in the cult classic Donnie Darko and possible future roles.

For those of you who may have blinked and missed it, Ashley Tisdale made a little appearance in the now cult classic "Donnie Darko" way back in the day. Don't remember her? Here's a little refresher: Tisdale played Kim, the dorky girl who tells a motivational speaker that she thinks her stepsister eats too much, before being told to shut up by the girl in question. The small role came up during a conversation about which actors Tisdale would most like to work with.

"I would love to work with Jake Gyllenhaal ... Johnny Depp. I love Kate Hudson. She's one of my favorites," Tisdale told MTV News before recalling her one amazing day of working with "Donnie Darko" star Gyllenhaal back in 2001.

"I was in one scene with him. I met him and he was the nicest guy in the entire world. At the premiere he even remembered who I was," she said. "I was there for a day. I had, like, two lines. But I'd like to actually do another scene with him, more."

Now that she's got some extra time on her hands thanks to the fact that she won't be reprising her role as Sharpay for anymore "High School Musical" movies, she might get the chance. And it won't necessarily be something funny, like her new movie "They Came From Upstairs," or something that requires lots of emoting through song like "HSM."

"Maybe something normal soon," she said, contemplating future movie roles. "I mean, ['HSM'] was a musical, so maybe [I should try] something dramatic. That'd be cool."

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