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Monday, February 16, 2009

Spectacular! Star Victoria Justice Tries to Convince Us The Nickelodeon Movie is Not a HSM Rip-Off

The Nickelodeon rip-off of High School Musical premieres tonight, and one of the films stars, Victoria Justice, is speaking out against the comparisons to High School Musical.

Her weak argument states: "Honestly, they weren't the first ones to do musicals. Tons of musicals have been before that.

She failed to note that in the video clip they showed before the interview, Victoria's character is just like Sharpay (only a cheap rip-off) and her Ryan-esque sidekick is a whipped boyfriend instead of a whipped twin brother.

And the plots have some obvious similarities too. Spectacular! involves a group of kids dueling another musical duo. Sounds exactly like the first High School Musical in the Troy and Gabriella vs. Ryan and Sharpay ordeal!

Well, here's the whole interview if you care to watch.

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Anonymous said...

ya and this is not that big of a deal but in high school musical they had some new actors that nobody really knew but they had ashley tisdale from suite life of zack and cody and in spectacular had some new actors except for victoria justice from zoey 101.