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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Pictures They Probably Didn't Want You To See

We know we said we wouldn't be posting this weekend, but someone sent us these pictures and we HAD to post them.

It looks like Vanessa Hudgens isn't the only High School Musical star who knows how to take a naughty picture. Here are Monique Coleman, Jemma McKenzie Brown, Oleysa Rulin, and Corbin Bleu exhibiting some un-role-model-like behavior.


Wow. Just, Wow said...

This is so repulsive...not the pictures. While they are a tad...unique, what repulses me is the fact that you claim to be FANS of these people, especially Monique, and a 'source' sends them to you, presumably before they reach the general public, and you post them FOR THE WORLD TO SEE.

This confims it. You three ought to be completley, utterly ashamed of yourselves. You are not fans of ANY of the HSM cast, and included in that is Ashley Tisdale. A true FAN would not rat on your idol's best friends. Most of all, a true fan would not POST PERSONAL PICTURES of their so-called 'idols' for the world to see.

Excuse me while I purge my dinner.

AJS said...

Just to clarify, we were sent links to several other blogs that have posted these pictures. We did not leak these photos ourselves. We are dedicated to reporting the news of the HSM stars - good or bad - that we come across or that is sent to us. We were exercising our right to post these pictures, just as everyone has the right to their opinion.