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Friday, January 30, 2009

Sexiest Cast Ever!

High School Musical Japan premiere

Zac Efron
. Robert Pattinson. Justin Timberlake. IN ONE MOVIE!

Rumor has it that the three will star in a film called Ohio about the murders of anti-Vietnam War protesters in 1970. Because of its darker tone, Robert (who, out of the three, has the most experience with dark movies thanks to Twilight) will play the lead role with Justin and Zac as his "sidekicks." We'd rather have Zac or Justin in the lead!

Star magazine is reporting that "Everyone in the industry is shocked that Rob is already getting such big roles. Zac and Justin have been working for a lot longer than he has. There is a bit of jealousy there. Zac’s people want him to have the lead. And Justin’s people have asked that he get a lot of screen time."

Some are saying that Robert deserves the main role because he's more talented, but we disagree. Zac has good acting ability, which will be proved in Me and Orson Welles. Justin did well in Alpha Dog, too.

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'Twilight' Paris Photocall

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