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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Vanessa is Getting Sued, While Zac is Getting Aggressive

Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens are turning into true adult stars: one is getting sued by a former manager and the other is throwing diva fits about the paparazzi.

First up, we have Vanessa. Her former manager Johnny Viera is suing the singer/actress for $5 million - money he claims she would not have if he didn't discover her. In May 2005, Vanessa agreed to give half her earnings to Viera. But after the enormous success of High School Musical, she fired him after reaching a monetary settlement. Viera claims he was never paid.

Vanessa's father, Greg Hudgens, insists that Viera has a "predatory nature" and Disney has made several attempts to stop other undiscovered talents from falling in his traps.

Meanwhile, Zac Efron went ballistic when he learned that there were photographers at Ashley Tisdale's twenty-third birthday party, held at Malibu's DKNY Beach House. Zac and Vanessa had already been followed by the paparazzi to the party and would refuse to socialize with anyone inside the party and when he saw people taking pictures, he lost it! He went off on one photographer, shouting “Do you wanna picture of me? Do you?” He then apologized after learning that the photographer was actually a publicist running the beach house.

He's cranky! But the best part is next! Zac then retreated inside where he straightened his hair alongside Vanessa and Ashley.

Goodness, Zanessa is a funny couple! Hopefully there will be more meltdowns before High School Musical 3: Senior Year hits theaters!

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high school musical fan said...

Zac and vanessa gets the dose of their own stardom i guess...