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Friday, August 8, 2008

The Official High School Musical 3 Soundtrack Listing

Disney has FINALLY announced the official soundtrack listing for High School Musical 3: Senior Year. We feel like we're getting ripped off because some of the reprises in the movie are not on the soundtrack. The soundtrack features the 10 songs the trailer promised us, plus other songs sang by the actors themselves - not as their characters.
  1. Now Or Never - Cast
  2. Right Here, Right Now - Troy and Gabriella
  3. I Want It All - Sharpay and Ryan
  4. Can I Have This Dance? - Troy and Gabriella
  5. Just Wanna Be With You - Troy, Gabriella, Ryan, and Kelsi
  6. A Night to Remember - Cast
  7. The Boyz Are Back - Troy and Chad
  8. Walk Away - Gabriella
  9. Scream - Troy
  10. Senior Year Spring Music Medley - Cast
  11. We're All in This Together - Cast
  12. High School Musical - Cast
  13. Just Getting Started - ABC's "Get in the Picture" Winner
  14. Last Chance - Cast
Total rip-off! Sharpay is barely on the soundtrack. She had better have a ton of solos in those cast songs!

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Motorokr said...

these are some awesome songs! The soundtrack really is awesome! You guys should check out the free music that is on The Hotel Cafe they're all free too!