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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Disney Stars Fail to Draw Intererst

TV fame just isn't enough these days!

Crowds at the Midland Country Fair in Michigan were treated to a two-for-one special. Raven performed on Monday with Vanessa Hudgens performing on Tuesday. Failed "American Idol" alumnus Bucky Covington was also showcased at the concert.

A 20-year-old in attendance said, "I didn't know who Bucky Covington was or that he had anything to do with 'American Idol,' but I was jamming with him. I really liked him a lot."

The fair management was disappointed by the low attendance to concert and the feeling was mutual, as the audience was disappointed by the show - especially Vanessa!

Vanessa reportedly displayed dance moves "more adult in nature than the audience of mainly girls 10 and younger." Wouldn't be the first time Vanessa used her body in way a 10-year-old shouldn't!

The crowd was generally won over by Raven, who entertained them not only by her music, but by her comedy and stories of her childhood. Another concert-goer says Vanessa was too into the music and they could see her getting sweaty.

We're glad that Raven was being nice! All the more reason for us not to believe those recent reports that she's not so kind in person.


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