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Monday, July 21, 2008

Get in the Picture Sucked!

Last night was the premiere of ABC's new High School Musical-based reality show "Get in the Picture". And, well, it wasn't great.

The show failed to be entertaining, in several ways, which we'll explain. First, let's just set up what's happened so far. The did the Eastern auditions last night - that means, only those from the eastern United States were auditioned. There were open casting calls, where thousands would line up and audition for one of the three judges. And there were also on-the-spot auditions where a family member or teacher would tip off the show by sending them tapes of a talented youngster (16 to early 20s in terms of age). In both cases, if the judges liked what they saw, they would move the person on to the semi-finals.

Well, this is extremely unfair. From what the show told us, the people who audition need to be good actors, dancers, singers, and have an all-around good personality. In the auditions, all they did was sing. And they only sang in front of one judge, whereas if you had three judges you'd have a higher chance of getting passed through.

No one who auditioned really stood out to us. The judges turned away some acceptable ones, in our opinion, but allowed others through who didn't deserve to advance in the competition. And none of people who auditioned had meltdowns. They were all calm and understanding. There was a tear hear and there, but none of them went ballistic, which is a little disappointing.

The judges were too kind, also. If someone, well, sucked, they didn't comment on that. The problem with being nice in that kind of judging is that it doesn't really help people improve because all they are told is "I'm not going to move you further, you just need more time" or something to that affect.

Now, as for our host, the washed-up Nick Lachey, well... he's no Ryan Seacrest. It was awkward as he congratulated or consoled the auditioners. He didn't have the same kind of people skills that other TV hosts do. Even his brother, Drew, is a better host than him!

Maybe it just got off to a bad start, but so far, this show sucks!

Nevertheless, as we run a High School Musical blog, we feel compelled to continue watching this show and reporting back. A new episode airs tonight at 8pm|7 central!

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