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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Ugh... We've Been Holding Off On This

We've been holding off on reporting this but it won't go away! Someone made up a track listing for High School Musical 3: Senior Year - at least, we're 99% sure it's fake. Here it is just for the sake of posting it.
  • Laughter - High School Musical 3 Cast
  • Mixin'My Turn - Troy
  • Dance In The Rhythm If U Wannabe - Sharpay and the Sharpettes
  • Our Prom Time! - Cast
  • I'm Over You - Sharpay and Gabriella
  • Miss Is Coming Here - Ryan and Gabriella
  • The Dress - Cast
  • Hollywood In School - Sharpay , Taylor and Kelsi
  • I Was Thinkin About Everytime - Gabriella and Troy
  • It Will Never End - High School Musical 3 Cast
We believe this is fake because, well, just read the song names! They're ridiculous. And the Sharpettes are most likely Sharpay's summer friends. We don't think they actually attend East High, so they're not going to be in Senior Year most likely. And Gabriella and Sharpay seem to be in almost every song while Chad, Troy, Ryan, and Taylor are in practically none. Plus, as we reported, there's a song with Chad and Troy in a junk yard. None of these songs fit that description.

So yeah... fake!

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