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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Ryne Sanborn's Word on HSM3

"We are going to cover everything that goes along with senior year," High School Musical 3: Senior Year star Ryne Sanborn repeats the words said by his better-known costars for months.

Currently in Utah, Ryne did offer some interesting bits of information. Sharpay has a new crush and Ryne's character Jason has a new girlfriend. (Wait! Wasn't Jason already pretty much matched-up with Olesya Rulin's character Kelsi? Hmm... maybe it was never official and she's his new girlfriend!).

"Everything is much more intense this time around," Jason continues. "The dance numbers are longer and the sets are bigger!"

And, on a semi-interesting note, newcomers Matt Prokop, Jemma McKenzie Brown, and Justin Martin were welcomed by the reigning "seniors." Too bad. We were hoping for juicy backstage cat fight scoops!

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