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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Release Date

Rumors of filming for High School Musical: Senior Year being pushed back make us wonder if the October 24 release date, too, has been postponed.

We have a small hunch it may but we don't want to cause anyone distress with the idea that we may have to wait longer than we already do. But here's what we're thinking.

The film focuses on prom and graduation, right? So a May 2009 would seem reasonable! Almost all high school proms take place in May and films that have graduation/summer themes are usually released in May or in the actual summer months.

But that's way too long to wait. So maybe the release date could be pushed back until late November 2008. It would only be a month after the original release date, which isn't that bad. Plus, a holiday release date would make more sense. The end of October just seems like such an odd time.

Plus, films tend to do better in the summer or holiday (November-December) months. But then again, is anyone doubting this movie won't make a lot of money? And it's always good to avoid competition.

Right now, High School Musical 3: Senior Year's only competition is Saw V.

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