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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Possible HSM3 Release Dates?

We've been holding off on reporting this for about a week but the Internet persists... The following dates are rumored to be the individual country release dates for High School Musical 3: Senior Year.

United Kingdom October 17, 2008
The Netherlands October 22, 2008
France October 22, 2008
Philippines October 22, 2008
Argentina October 23, 2008
Germany October 23, 2008
United States October 24, 2008
Sweden October 24, 2008
Finland October 24, 2008
Belgium October 29, 2008
Turkey November 14, 2008

These dates seem highly unlikely. The United Kingdom does sometimes get movies a week or less before the United States, so the October 17 date might be real. However, those other countries certainly will NOT get this movie before us! That doesn't make any sense. Plus, countries that are lesser connected to America like Sweden and Turkey normally have to wait months after the U.S. release date for a movie.

Oh well. Maybe these dates are true. We hope not, though!

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