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Friday, April 11, 2008

Our Thoughts on Vanessa on Radio Disney

Vanessa Hudgens was on Radio Disney today to talk about High School Musical 3: Senior Year, her new album, and to debut her new single "Sneakernight". We took down some interesting quotes of hers.

"Honestly, I haven't been home in a while, so I don't know!" Vanessa said when asked if her father still sang the Hamster Dance song. It's true. She was filming Will in Texas and is now filming Senior Year in Utah.

"It's definitely different!" she said about her new song, "Sneakernight." "It's fun, and it's fun, it's funky, it's fresh - it's all the f's!" She continues, "I did on my background vocals - everything on [it] is me!"

Then... the song premiered. It was definitely different, as she said. Let's just say, we prefer the old Vanessa song, but it's still catchy.

Vanessa confirms that the album is called Identified and will be out June 24. "This is kind of a different side of me... It's more me, it's more who I am - I'm identified," she said it regards to the album's title.

And she's heading back to Utah TODAY with Ashley Tisdale to start filming Senior Year.

Vanessa mentioned there's other songs called "Last Night", "Identified", and "Hook It Up".

She had scooter races during the recording of Identified and claims she was the fastest one.

"No joke, the things [I tried on] are clothes I actually own!" Vanessa said about a costume fitting for High School Musical 3: Senior Year. She noted that she kept her red dress from the first movie.

Vanessa also talked about being spotted in public. "It's usually the moms!" she says about fans who come up to her.

She also mentioned playing the guitar and learning the drums, which she's in love with. "It's like anger management, right?" Then, she talking about her love for Rock Band and how she fails at the guitar in the game, but loves the drums.

Vanessa also announced that she got her license! (She's 19... a little late but whatever).

That's all we had time for. Hopefully the complete interview and the complete song "Sneakernight" will be online soon!

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