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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Zac on Partying

Zac Efron is telling PR Inside that he is not drawn to the party scene. The full article is below:

Teen heartthrob ZAC EFRON is determined not to be drawn in by the Hollywood party scene - insisting he can have fun without going to wild clubs.

The clean-living High School Musical star would rather lead a grounded existence, and is repulsed by the thought of joining the debauched Hollywood party circuit.
He says, “I don’t find myself drawn to that scene. I think acting is a tradition that far pre-dates celebrity and, today, the two are just meshing.
It’s not even that I’ve made a conscious decision not to party.

I don’t think clubbing is a choice you make. You can have fun with friends without part of that scene.”

Well that's all good and dandy, but a lot of stars have said this and then go out and get arrested for D.U.I. One has to ask... does Zac mean it? We truly hope so!

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