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Monday, March 17, 2008

More Hannah Montana Movie News

Auditions for a love interest for Miley Stewart in the upcoming "Hannah Montana" movie were held over this past weekend. Apparently, casting was looking for a genuine southern cowboy between the ages of 15 and 17. The actor who will play the character cannot turn 18 until or after August 15 of this year. Obviously, they want to avoid any issues of an adult kissing a minor. (That's not a promise that there will be a kiss, but it's safe to bet on it!).

Filming begins this may and Miley Cyrus told the Daily Dash that “the movie doesn’t have as much of Hannah. It’s more based on my Miley side of things, which is going to be really cool.”

Cool? What good is a Hannah Montana movie without Hannah!

Again, the film will be released on May 1, 2009.

UPDATE: We've uncovered a character description for Miley's love interest in the film. The character's name is Travis and those who auditioned were given this:
TRAVIS 15-17 (The actor who plays this role MUST NOT BE OLDER THAN 17; CAN NOT TURN 18 until August 15, 2008 or after. ID’s will be checked at auditions) - Miley’s love interest, Travis is a genuine Southern cowboy hunk, working as a farmhand for the summer. Miley was his first crush, and he now chooses to date Miley over Hannah when she returns to her roots. Though upset when he learns her “secret”, thinking she’s been playing games with him, in the end he understands why she created Hannah, and encourages her to continue living her dream…

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